Half-time for DB Schenker

Formula 1: Start of a 24-hour race

Half-time – at least for DB Schenker. The racing calendar for the European Formula 1 season has Spielberg (Austria) as its third stop. The half-time review before the “24-hour dash” is positive.
However, a major challenge awaits the logistics experts at the Austrian Grand Prix event in Spielberg. Back-to-back races mean that they only have 24 hours to transport the entire Mercedes-AMG Petronas motorsport motorhome and the team’s racing equipment from Spielberg to Silverstone in the UK.

Day and night: Plans for 50 additional drivers

The plans for this 24-hour sprint are nothing if not detailed. The logistics professionals have no time to lose, so they will work and drive in shifts. This means that the plans for the 24-hour race feature double the manpower with a total of 50 more drivers. The final size of the team comes to about 100, including the 30 people who form the permanent team.

Everything running according to plan at DB Schenker

After the Spielberg race finishes, the permanent team will fly ahead to coordinate the arrival of the trucks in the UK and be on-site to handle the incoming loads. Sören Hell, project manager at DB SCHENKERsportsevents, says, “We operate in the principle that whoever is the first person to dismantle something in full is the first person who hits the road. Sometimes, we drive in convoy formation for other races, but the back-to-back dates mean that we can’t afford to waste any time.”

The project plan created by Sören Hell and his team looks like this:

    • Sunday
      Top priority: The cars. The race trucks are loaded with the cars and engines as soon as possible on Sunday night.
    • Monday
      After the race, the team starts dismantling the motorhome. The grid, i.e. the substructure that the motorhome is built on, is the last thing to be dismantled. Because it is the first thing that has to arrive in Silverstone, it gets loaded onto three sprinters on Monday.
  • Thursday
    The Formula 1 cars have to be ready for action at Brackley/Silverstone. 2pm: Grid is laid down at Silverstone. 5pm: First containers go up at Silverstone.
  • Wednesday
    Coordination of cleaning and catering plans, water connections, and scores of other infrastructure issues. 10pm: All done – the DB Schenker team has finished and hands the keys to the Mercedes-AMG Patronas motorsport team.
  • Thursday
    The first training testing laps take place.

The route of the 24-hour race – Austria, Germany, France, UK

In terms of distance, this is the longest route between two different races on the European Formula 1 circuit: Spielberg and Silverstone are some 1,700 km apart. The transportation route across Europe sees the vehicles leave Austria and cross Germany and France before arriving at the Grand Prix track at Silverstone in the UK.

“Half-time: DB Schenker for @MercedesAMGF1 F1 season. Next stop: Spielberg Motorhome2017“

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