System freight: that‘s how you take advantage of our new land transport services

With our new system freight products DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium, DB Schenker has further strengthened its European land transport network. By distributing goods that can be loaded as individual pieces, e.g. boxes, crates or pallets, our customers can immediately take advantage of guaranteed connections between the 430 land transport branches. As a result, lead times will be significantly reduced.

Higher reliability due to standardization of products

With immediate effect all European business centers are linked with one another through daily connections. This will enable a much faster distribution of goods and thus greater production flexibility for European companies.

The network setup seamlessly connects DB Schenker’s existing 430 land transport branches in 38 European countries with a state-of-the-art production system. The new system is designed to accommodate the growing demand for cross-border shipments. Approximately 20,000 employees help managing these consignments.

Another standardization task is to bundle goods at the newly set intersections. Lead times between major European business centers will be significantly reduced as a result. In some cases lead times are already as low as 24 hours.

Furthermore, the use of a new platform strategy also enables DB Schenker to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Thanks to state-of-the-art tracking technology, the status of each consignment can also be monitored from any place at any time.

Two new products: DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium

Our customers can now choose between two easy-to-use services that are standardized across Europe: DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium.

“DB SCHENKERsystem is the best solution if companies want to move their freight fast and with high reliability throughout Europe; it is our new standard product,” says Christian Drenthen, Executive Vice President, Head of Land Transport at DB Schenker. “If speed is crucial, DB SCHENKERsystem premium is the new solution for European companies: Customers will be able to use the fastest road network and take advantage of industry leading reliability – with performance guarantee!”

“New #SystemFreight products: #DBSchenker improves the biggest European #landtransport network.“

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“We are creating a Europe without borders for freight transport in an environment marked by an ever more heavily-connected European economy with increasing just-in-time production requirements,” says Christian Drenthen. “We’re pleased that our faster lead times are allowing us to make a major contribution toward increasing our customers’ productivity and efficiency.”

300,000 consignments per day for European companies Everyday

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DB Schenker distributes approximately 300,000 system freight shipments for European companies. More than 32.000 line-haul connections link the land transport locations every week. With more than 100 locations in Germany, including 27 land transport gateways with daily links to/from Europe and with over 1 million square meters of storage capacity, DB Schenker is your reliable partner in system freight.

Due to the new system freight products DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium DB Schenker has also prepared itself for a future with an even higher volume of system freight: thanks to the intelligent bundling of goods flows and flexible capacities in Europe’s largest land transport network.