Training at DB Schenker: “A little bit of action”

DB Schenker used the Day of Logistics on April 19 to talk to young people and to present itself as a training organization. But what do the current trainees say about an apprenticeship at Germany’s top logistics provider? And what comes to mind for a long-standing employee in retrospect? logistik aktuell spoke in Augsburg with Daniela Hauptmann and Cüneyt Algül. She is 20 and is currently completing her first year of training as a merchant for forwarding and logistics services. He completed his apprenticeship as a warehouse specialist 14 years ago.

logistik aktuell: Mr. Algül, one and a half decades ago you learnt the profession that today is called warehouse logistics specialist. What interested you?

Cüneyt Algül: In short: I wanted a bit of action. Nothing against commercial occupations! But working life in the warehouse is more physically active than an office job. Of course, we plan and organize a lot. But when I first started I also needed the forklift ride through the corridors. That’s fun.

And you, Ms. Hauptmann, why do you like training as a merchant for forwarding and logistics services?

Daniela Hauptmann: We, too, have what Mr Algül calls “action”. But rather from the desk. Already in the first year of my training, I had personal contact with our customers. This has advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, I have responsibility, which certainly enhances my work. On the other hand, I sometimes get to experience the annoyance when customers have something to complain about.

Does that bother you?

Daniela Hauptmann: No, that does not bother me, and it does not happen very often. In turn, I already have my own area of responsibility. I feel like a full member of the team. For this, you must be able to handle stressful situations. Especially, since interactions are mostly positive. I enjoy implementing what’s on the sign on our office door, namely: customer service. My superiors allow me to gain lots of experiences. And I like that.

What are your career goals?

Daniela Hauptmann: I would like to go abroad for a few weeks next year. One of my colleagues in her second year is in Barcelona right now. I would like London best. There, I could receive an additional qualification as International Businesswoman. The decision, whether it works, will be taken in late summer.
Cüneyt Algül: I, too, was interested in the international orientation of my employer from the beginning on. Regardless of whether you go overseas yourself: Schenker opens for you the door to the world.

And what will come after the final exam in two years?

Daniela Hauptmann: I definitely want to stay in this job and follow my own path here at Schenker. The chances of Schenker taking over its trainees are good.

Mr. Algül, what were your goals after graduating 14 years ago?

Cüneyt Algül: That’s what the site manager asked me at the time. And I confidently answered him that eventually I want get on his chair.

Can you say something like that at Schenker without being punished?

Cüneyt Algül: He is still here. And me too. But joking aside: Logistics offers its employees a lot of development opportunities. In the meantime, I reached a leading position and I am, among other things, responsible for purchasing in logistics controlling. Of course, my personal career planning at the age of 32 is not over. I still have plans.

What is the company doing to prepare its employees for advanced jobs?

Cüneyt Algül: There are all kinds of things. I participated in several trainings and workshops in the past few years, spent several weeks at a different location in Germany, and helped to get a new logistics center set up and running. From all that you gain valuable experience.

“Specialist for warehouse logistics at DB #Schenker. A profession with action and perspectives.“

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Industry and logistics are moving at full speed towards 4.0. Does this put off the potential junior staff because they are afraid that soon they will not be needed anymore?

Cüneyt Algül: I think the opposite is the case. Especially the digital change inspires young people. Think of drones in the warehouse or completely automated processes. That’s the future. 4.0 relieves people of physical work and appeals to IT enthusiasts.
Daniela Hauptmann: I am convinced that in 20 years’ time we will still have a lot to do in freight forwarding and logistics.

Thank you for this conversation.