New at DB Schenker: scheduled and guaranteed delivery time with “Premium 10”

DB SCHENKERsystem premium, the System Freight product from DB Schenker, now offers something completely new: a scheduled morning delivery throughout Europe. With the “Premium 10” variant, which was introduced on May 22, deliveries reach their destination even faster and more efficiently. With this new option of the System Freight offer, companies can be sure that their cargo reaches the destination by 10 am at the latest.

New setup connects Europe

“Premium 10” was made possible by a complete restructuring of the land transport network last year. The goal was to enable daily connections among all European economic centers and better distribution of shipments. At the same time, DB Schenker introduced the products DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium.

Even more flexibility, even higher added value

System freight: that‘s how you take advantage of our new land transport services | logistik aktuell

Due to DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium the customers of DB Schenker can immediately take advantage of faster lead times.

And it did so successfully! It shows that the new offers and structures, the transport times and CO2 emissions have already dropped significantly. Especially the System Freight customer benefits from the new services due to more flexibility in production.

“#SystemFreight by DB Schenker: guaranteed deliver by 10 am with option #Premium10“

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Following the launch of “Premium 13” in March of this year, “Premium 10” is intended to further increase the added value for users of System Freight offers. “The new ‘Premium 10’ option is all about speed and reliability. It is the efficient solution for all companies who want to receive their shipments quickly and before the afternoon. This offers our customers a significant competitive advantage in terms of one of the scarcest resources – time,” explains Christian Drenthen, Executive Vice President and Head of Land Transport at DB Schenker.

20,000 employees in 430 European locations

The big advantage of DB Schenker: the comprehensive network in Europe. The logistics company has 430 locations spread across the continent – from Lisbon to Moscow. Another decisive factor is the manpower that DB Schenker provides. Only through the dedicated 20,000 employees can the approximately 300,000 individual packages be handled successfully every day. And that, if desired, now also until 10 o’clock in the morning.

Contact: Maximilian Floegel, Schenker Europe GmbH