connect 4 land: Order land transport online as easily as pizza

In our private lives we have long been buying computers, medicines and sushi online. Why shouldn’t we also be able to deploy land transport in our business lives using digital means? With DB Schenker this is already possible in Germany and Spain. And soon it will also be in France, Poland and six other countries. In 2019 customers across Europe will already be able to use the booking platform.

Access Europe’s biggest land transport network online

The offer is aimed at small and medium-sized customers, in particular. These customers place their orders with DB Schenker using just a few clicks of their mouse: pick up here and deliver there. It doesn’t matter whether “here” is Munich or Hamburg and “there” is Sweden or Portugal. Anything that can be transported using networked logistics can be booked online.

New at DB Schenker: scheduled and guaranteed delivery time with "Premium 10"

The European Land Transport Network of DB Schenker convinces with 20,000 employees in 430 locations - and with an absolute novelty: the delivery by 10 am.

With full transparency with regard to prices and transport times. And including shipment tracking. Countless companies are already involved and are gaining fast access Europe’s largest land transport network thanks to connect 4 land. This network is operated by DB Schenker with the aid of some 19,000 staff, spread across 430 sites.

For COO Ewald Kaiser the new service represents another step toward the full online handling of transportation. “It won’t be long until the complete business process is digitalized: from the initial offer to the issuance of the invoice.” Nevertheless, transport and logistics remain a person-to-person business, adds Kaiser, and that “direct and personal communication with customers is an important aspect of our core business.”

“Online orders have become the norm in the business-to-consumer sector,” says Markus Sontheimer, who, in his position as CIO/CDO, is in charge of digitalization at DB Schenker. “We are now bringing this shopping experience over into the professional logistics sector.”

“Online booking with #connect 4 land: 800 kilos of screws from Cologne to Oslo, 5 pallets of candles from Madrid to Krakow. “

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Air and sea transport coming soon

Everything that works in land transport will soon also be part of air and sea freight: connect 4 ocean and connect 4 air are almost ready to launch. The DB Schenker blog will keep you informed of the latest developments.