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Prototypes, design studies, classic cars, and legendary automobiles – this is the precious cargo managed by the DB Schenker Automotive Division at Stuttgart Airport’s Air Cargo Center. Irreplaceable treasures are often entrusted to Stuttgart automotive handpicked crews and development teams for worldwide transport. In such cases, everything has to be just right – from packaging to transport and insurance. And if automotive logistics represents the supreme level in logistics, then the transport of specialty cars is the crown jewel.

Porsche Type 64 makes the journey from Automuseum PROTOTYP, Germany to Petersen Automotive Museum, USA

For example, when transporting the Porsche Type 64 from Hamburg via Stuttgart to the USA. Everything about this Porsche model is legendary. In 1939, only three prototypes were built for the Berlin-Rome race, which never took place due to the outbreak of the Second World War. One model crashed early on and was written off as unsalvageable. The second car survived the war, but not the test drives in May 1945 after US soldiers had discovered the car. It was disassembled and remained in parts. These parts were sold together with car no. three to Austrian racing legend Otto Mathé in the late 1940s.

Automuseum PROTOTYP in Hamburg faithfully reconstructed “Berlin-Rome car” no. two within 10 years from 2001 to 2011 on the basis of the original technical parts owned by Otto Mathé.

Automotive: It depends on the processes | logistik aktuell

Interview with Detlef Kurzbuch about automotive logistics at DB Schenker and the newly built logistics center at duisport.


Precisely this model was now under Ian Bennett’s care on its next big trip via air freight to Los Angeles’ renowned Petersen Automotive Museum. Ian Bennett describes the undertaking as “… an order that demands a great deal of expertise and experience, the proper equipment and absolute dedication. A job made for us.” And these were in short the points of this very special vintage car ride:

  • Transport by closed secure car carrier from Automuseum PROTOTYP Hamburg to Stuttgart
  • Preparing and handling of all documents for German and US customs
  • Preparing the vehicle for air transport to LA within the specialized air freight crate
  • Transport documentation to the customer via digital media – such as whatsapp
  • Last miles to Petersen Automotive Museum by air freight with Cargolux Airlines
  • White-glove handling delivery to the museum
  • Removal from display, preparation and transport to Laguna Seca Raceway
  • Return to Automuseum PROTOTYP Hamburg, Germany

What is the basis for success with fine & specialty cars?

Like all high-value models, prototypes and exhibits, a rare vintage car like the Porsche Type 64 needs first-class protection against damage and weather conditions while it is being loaded and transported. For this purpose, DB Schenker offers special hand-built individual vehicle transport containers as the safest solution available today.

These containers feature e.g. doors instead of a conventional ramp. Lockable openings at the sides enable the loading staff to easily enter and exit. A continuous perforated metal plate on the floor allows secure fastening of the wheels of any type of car, no matter what the dimensions.

Ian Bennett: “The basis for success with our premier customers in the automotive field is the right answer to all questions and ensuring constant communication 24/7 with an open mind, as Murphy’s Law always strikes.”

The great show: Porsche Type 64 in Petersen Automotive Museum

In perfect cooperation between the DB Schenker team, the owner and those responsible at the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Type 64 arrived in LA on schedule.

Automuseum PROTOTYP Hamburg

“Big thanks to Schenker and especially to Ian. He looked after the Type 64 as if it was his baby – as a customer I cannot ask for more!”

The valuable freight was enthusiastically received there: “One of the most exciting aspects of opening a new exhibit is unloading the vehicles we have received from around the world, including the Type 64 Porsche from Stuttgart, Germany” – so it says on the museum’s Facebook page. And highly satisfied, the Petersen Automotive Museum also posts: “Which Porsche would you like delivered to you from Stuttgart?”

Vorbereitung des Porsche Typ 64. Ein “weißer Handschuh”-Job für Experten wie Ian Bennett.  Der Porsche Typ 64: Eine Legende des Motorsports. © Thomas Görny

Preparing the Porsche Type 64 for display within the museum – a white-glove operation for experts like Ian Bennett. © Thomas Görny

Der Porsche Typ 64: Eine Legende des Motorsports. © Thomas Görny

The Porsche Type 64: A legend of motorsports. © Thomas Görny

Individuelle Container bieten erstklassigen Schutz gegen Schäden und Wetter während des Verladens und des Transports. © Thomas Görny

Individual containers offer first-class protection against damage and weather during loading and transport. © Thomas Görny

TTransport des Porsche Typ 64 von Stuttgart zum Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. © Thomas Görny

Transport of the Porsche Type 64 from Stuttgart to the Petersen Museum in Los Angeles. © Thomas Görny

Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt. Im Petersen Automotive Museum. © Thomas Görny

Honor to whom honor is due – at the Petersen Automotive Museum. © Thomas Görny

Der Abtransport aus dem Petersen Automotive Museum beginnt. © Thomas Görny

Der Abtransport aus dem Petersen Automotive Museum beginnt. © Thomas Görny

Die Porsche-Rennsport-Reunion - der Traum eines jeden Porsche-Liebhabers. © Thomas Görny

The Porsche Racing Reunion  – the dream of every Porsche lover. © Thomas Görny

    Ready for the races: The Type 64 at Laguna Seca, Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI 2018

    After 8 months on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum, the Automotive team started preparations for the next crucial steps of the Type 64 USA tour, starting with checking the mechanics of the Type 64, to the removal from the vault for securing and cleaning to the transport to the Rennsport Reunion VI at Laguna Seca Raceway 2018.

    Porsche Rennsport Reunion VI is best described as Porsche car lover’s dream. During the 4- day public event, over 500 Porsche race Rennsport Reunion VI cars were crammed into Laguna Seca Raceway, with about 350 of those cars competing aggressively on the track. Type 64 was requested by Porsche to be at the priority location in the Chopard Heritage Display. Each vehicle in the collection was chosen for its contribution to Porsche’s racing successes, road car engineering and performance superiority. Inside the enormous Chopard Heritage Display, visitors had the chance to explore and relive history, to talk with many of the caretakers of the cars and meet with Chopard representatives who were there to showcase their timepieces.

    “Specialty Cars transports. Crown jewel of #automobile logistics. “

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    Seventy invited Porsches, 10 from the Chopard Heritage Display and 10 from each historic race group, lined up on pit lane while fans anxiously were waiting behind the gates watching the orchestrated staging. When the cars were all lined up, the gates opened and fans flooded through toward pit lane to experience the rare experience of the normally closed area to stroll among the historic Porsches and mingle with their owners and drivers.

    Coming home – Return to the Automuseum PROTOTYP

    After 7 days at the Laguna Seca Raceway, it was time for the Type 64 to come home to Automuseum PROTOTYP Hamburg. A journey safely and securely executed by Ian Bennett and the Automotive Stuttgart team.

    Now the ‘Berlin-Rome car’ has safely arrived at its home at Automuseum PROTOTYP Hamburg and is one of the highlights in the permanent exhibition like it was before its big journey across the pond.


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