Heads, trends and logistics solutions. These were our top topics in 2018

About 100 articles are published annually in our blog logistik aktuell: interviews with decision-makers and experts in logistics. Case studies from air and sea freight, land transport and contract logistics, reports on technical trends and sector-relevant studies illustrate the wide range of current logistical topics and questions.

At the turn of the year, we wanted to know which topics the thousands of regular blog visitors found the most interesting and relevant. We present to you the top 5 of the most popular articles of 2018. This is a compact review of logistics in the past year. And a great opportunity to read one or the other top article again!

The Top 5 Articles on logistik aktuell

Top 1: “If you want to get on boat on time, you have to prove reliability” – Claus Freydag, Head of Ocean Freight, in an interview

Sea freight was a challenging field for many logistics experts in 2018. In particular, the seasonal capacity bottlenecks confronted those responsible in the companies and logistics service providers with complex tasks. logistik aktuell addressed the topic of sea freight in numerous articles and also in an interview with Claus Freydag. Since June 2017 he has been in charge of Ocean Freight at Schenker Deutschland AG. In an interview he talks about the disruptive potential of digitization in ocean freight. And about how the great problem of transport and handling capacities can be mastered in cooperation of customer and logistics service provider.

"If you want to get on board in time, you have to prove reliability" | logistik aktuell

Claus Freydag, Head of Ocean Freight at Schenker Germany / Switzerland, explains how customers and logisticians react to digitization and capacity bottlenecks.


Top 2: Four disruptive megatrends in transport logistics

Digitization and new technology are topics that we revisit, be it in the form of interviews with experts from research or with the presentation of current studies.

In 2918, it was our article on the study “Is it all 4.0 or just hype” of the RWTH Aachen that reached special attention. This dealt with various key technologies of the so-called Industry 4.0. According to the results of the study, four trends are particularly important for logistics: 1. Decentralized organization via platforms. 2. Big Data and their analysis. 3. Autonomous driving and 4. Additive manufacturing processes.

Study: 4 disruptive megatrends in transport logistics | logistik aktuell

Disruption brings opportunities and risks. This is also the case with these four key technologies that RWTH Aachen examined.


Top 3: Why DB Schenker disassembles vehicles

Automotive logistics is one of the supreme disciplines of logistics. And DB Schenker is one of the important players in this demanding discipline. logistik aktuell therefore can, with case studies, provide exciting insights into logistical applications within the automotive industry. This is also the case in this successful article, which examines the difference between Semi Knocked Down (SKD) and Completely Knocked Down (CKD) in automotive production and automotive logistics. In the first case, new vehicles are partially dismantled before transport. In the second case, they are not even mounted, at least not in the country of dispatch. DB Schenker supports customers from the automotive industry in both manufacturing processes. We present two cases from Düsseldorf and Duisburg.

Why DB Schenker disassembles new vehicles | logistik aktuell

DB Schenker operates SKD and CKD at its locations. What is the difference and why is it necessary to disassemble vehicles before exporting them?


Top 4: 747 freighter for the first time at Rostock-Laage Airport

Logisticians know Rostock-Laage as a small but up-and-coming cargo airport. logistik aktuell reports on a milestone in the history of this airport: For the first time, a cargo plane of the Boeing 747-400F model took off from Rostock-Laage Airport. The Güstrow branch had chartered the jumbo from Azerbaijan’s Silk Way airline and sent 50 tons of cellulose by air to Mumbai.”It was the first, but certainly not the last time, that we chartered a 747 freighter for Rostock-Laage,” says Gunnar Scholtz, head of the DB Schenker office in Güstrow.

747 cargo aircraft at Rostock-Laage Airport for the first time | logistik aktuell

For the first time, Rostock-Laage Airport handled a Boeing 747 cargo plane. The charter flight was carried out through the Güstrow office of Schenker Deutschland AG.


Top 5: Teamwork: Logistical Coordination and Nordic Combined

Olympia, Formula 1 and FIFA – time and again, logistik aktuell reports up close on the highlights of international sports logistics. Background information and exclusive interviews with well-known athletes are in the focus. On the occasion of the Olympic Winter Games 2018 in Pyeongchang we were able to conduct an interview with Johannes Rydzek from the Olympic Nordic Combined Team Johannes Rydzek. With numerous insights into the transportation tasks for the ski jumping and cross-country competitions, the article ranked number 5 in the most popular articles.

Teamwork: logistics coordination and Nordic combined | logistik aktuell

Teamwork at the Winter Olympic Games. Teamwork: logistics coordination and Nordic combined are working together in order to be successful.


“Heads, trends and #logistics solutions. What were the top topics on logistik aktuell in 2018? @DBSchenker “

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From Brenner Base Tunnel to Risk Management: Top 6 to 10

The following posts, too, made it into the top 10 blog articles with the highest readership: “Brenner base tunnel:” Mountain Festival “at the record tunnel construction”, ” Agile logistics: electric cargo bikes ensure sustainable transports at DB Schenker “,” Fighting freight theft – this is how logisticians protect their cargo” as well as both the German and the English version of the article ” Air Freight: Risk Management between Big Data and Customer Meetings “.

Many thanks to all readers for their interest in logistik aktuell. We look forward to another year of exciting new logistics topics.