DB Schenker Rounds Off e-commerce Offer

Not any e-commerce will do. And there is much more to online commerce than setting up an online shop. The term e-commerce includes enterprises of all sizes, complexities, maturity, and with all kinds of different business models. From start-ups to digital trade platforms up to renowned manufacturers with omnichannel distribution.

E-commerce: Strong logistics partner for growth strategies | logistik aktuell

For its customers Casper takes care for good sleep – and DB Schenker with tailored solutions for a perfect supply chain.


Equally diverse are the companies’ approaches for partially or fully outsourcing resp. processing the fulfillment of their e-commerce using standardized platforms. Logistic tasks make up a considerable portion of these activities. To that end, DB Schenker over the past years has developed a comprehensive portfolio of products and services along the entire supply chain of e-commerce. Tailored to the respective task, it reaches from the compact one stop shop product Netlivery, that integrates online shop and warehousing, to complex customer-specific contract logistics solutions for omnichannel fulfillment.

Cooperation With Magento Complements e-commerce Logistics Offer by DB Schenker

In early 2019, in the form of the strategic partnership with the international e-commerce portal provider Magento, an additional component was added to the e-fulfillment portfolio of DB Schenker: For Businesses operating their e-commerce offer based on Magento’s shop system or planning to do so, the “DB Schenker Warehouse Manager” is available as an optional module. As of now, it provides the retailer with a seamless link on a global scale between their online shop and the logistics on the part of DB Schenker. The “Warehouse Manager” is available via the Magento Marketplace.

Vanessa Holl, Vice President e-commerce at Schenker AG, describes the objective of this partnership: “The combination is perfect. Magento as the world’s leading system has a very high international market penetration with a really wide range of customers. We are able to support these customers optimally with the worldwide DB Schenker logistics resources. We provide the right set of services. And we allow for tracking between orders, all warehouse-related activities, up to the delivery status. As a worldwide partner, we are also able to go along with the growth and internationalization of Magento’s clients all the way. On the basis of the close cooperation, the Warehouse Manager can be used to, for example, connect new warehouse locations significantly faster and without additional costs.”

The partnership is a real win-win situation. Ryan Murden, Head of Business Development at Magento Commerce, confirms that: “We are happy about the new cooperation with DB Schenker as a global logistics partner and are looking forward to join efforts in supporting our mutual clients in having their e-commerce offers function seamlessly.”

From Online Start-ups to Omnichannel Commerce

Thus the DB Schenker portfolio in the e-commerce segment rests on three pillars optimized for application.

Firstly, there is Netlivery that, being a compact product, covers the entire value chain of online retailing. It comprises not only the management and conduct of logistics services but also the shop system itself. Target group for this are companies looking for an easy and fast entry to online distribution. Thanks to the modular structure, Netlivery can be adjusted individually to the customer’s needs, while costs accrue only for modular components that are actually used (“pay-by-use”). The Netlivery modules can be added to the booking flexibly as required and cover almost all levels of the sales process: From functionalities of online shop management to online marketing, payment services and ERP, up to warehousing, pick & pack, distribution, customer complaints, return management, and customer support. Netlivery currently is in use in three European countries, further European regions are in the pipeline.

Austria: netlivery makes SMEs fit for e-commerce | logistik aktuell

netlivery, an E-Commerce B2B & B2C solution of DB Schenker Österreich.


In the form of the above-described Warehouse Manager, DB Schenker secondly provides a standardized interface connection to the leading provider of e-commerce platforms, Magento. Focusses services of e-fulfillment and coupled with the offer of international transport services. This solution has a consequentially international orientation from the outset and incorporates DB Schenker locations worldwide.

As the third pillar, DB Schenker has been overseeing the e-fulfillment for renowned clients for years within the contract logistics department. Examples for this business is the joint development with the clients Fossil, Casper Sleep, and numerous other companies. Expanding on the experiences of these successful projects, at DB Schenker specialized project managers in an own organizational unit and in cooperation with the locations keep on consistently developing the field of e-commerce within contract logistics.

“Logistics for online commerce. @DBSchenker rounds off e-commerce offer“

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Marc Clausing, Vice President e-commerce at Schenker Germany: “The cooperation with Magento, if you will, is a closing of ranks between our product Netlivery and the more individual solutions of e-fulfillment for omnichannel clients in contract logistics. Thus we are in a prime position to further expand on our position as logistics partner for our clients worldwide.”


Vanessa Holl

Vice President Global e-commerce Vector Market
Contract Logistics / SCM
Schenker France SAS

E-mail: Vanessa.Holl@dbschenker.com