Diversity and depth – evaluation of our 2019 reader survey

We interviewed you, the readers of logistik aktuell, about your interests and reading habits. How do you like our blog? Which topics are particularly relevant to you? When and where do you read the articles in logistik aktuell? Today we present the results of this survey. At this point, thank you again for your participation. We will use the survey results to further optimize our content for you.

“Thank you for your feedback. We present the results of the @logistikaktuell 2019 reader survey by @DBSchenker.“

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Typical logistik aktuell readership

On average, our readership is particularly interested in the logistics disciplines of specialized transport and warehouse/contract logistics. Land transport and air freight land in the middle ground. In terms of trending topics, digitization/logistics 4.0 and the workplace of the future are right at the forefront of our readership’s preferences. The acceptance of DB Schenker Case Studies / Best Practice Examples is very high. Followed by reports on research.

How are they read? The vast majority of our readership receives logistik aktuell articles on PC. Namely during their working hours, once or several times a week. With that, the articles can even tend to be a little longer.

And if you’re not yet online with logistik aktuell, it’s very likely that readers of logistik aktuell are studying Logistik Heute. Because according to the results of our survey, that is the most widely read logistics magazine.