Follow the path of the customer. Automotive logistics at the Eching location

From Warehouse Eching in the north of Munich, DB Schenker supplies the production for the BMW Group in Munich. In almost 35 years, a trusting, finely tuned and efficient cooperation has developed. A stable partnership that is nevertheless characterized by high dynamics, continuous innovations and ever new steps in development.

Dedicated or shared warehousing? What matters is customer benefit

The DB Schenker Eching site was founded in 1985, specifically as a supply center for BMW Group production in Munich. The principle of Dedicated Warehousing offered and offers clear benefits. Areas, storage locations, warehousing facilities, services, transport concepts, IT architectures – all these can be tailored to meet customer needs. With growing experience and depth of cooperation processes can be developed in partnership to ever higher efficiency and quality.

The goal is stability. At the same time, cooperation between customers and logistics service providers is highly dynamic. “Dedicated is by no means synonymous with static,” says Jürgen Muckermann, head of the Eching Logistics office. “When it comes to long-term cooperation, as we do with BMW, it’s about growing with the customer in terms of quality, quantity and functionality. At the Eching location, for example, this is manifested in numerous investment-intensive modernization projects, which we carried out precisely to meet the customer’s growing requirements. What we are today is a joint venture between BMW and DB Schenker.”

Jürgen Muckermann, head of the Eching Logistics office of DB Schenker

Jürgen Muckermann, head of the Eching Logistics office of DB Schenker

And currently, a strategic supplement to the cooperation model of DB Schenker with the BMW Group is being implemented in the region. In addition to the Dedicated Warehouse, DB Schenker plans to develop shared logistics centers at several neighboring locations. There additional space and services are available for additional cooperation with the BMW Group or for other customers. In accordance with the principle of shared warehousing, customers benefit from the great flexibility in using the logistics resources.

Growing with the customer – milestones of Dedicated Warehouse Eching

The Eching supply center provides a good example of the successful development and growth of a customer-specific logistics location in close coordination with the customer. The following investments are among the milestones in the expansion of the site. In 2001 a first retrofit of the high-bay warehouse took place in 2011, whereby a significant increase in the performance of the stacker cranes was achieved by upgrading the control and drive technology. In the current expansion stage, the four-aisle HRL offers 10,223 pallet spaces.

The automated small parts warehouse offers a capacity of 27,500 shelf spaces in five lanes.

The automated small parts warehouse offers a capacity of 27,500 shelf spaces in five lanes.

A major extension was the construction of the automated small parts warehouse in 2004. In 2013, its efficiency was significantly increased by extensive modernization. Today it offers a capacity of 27,500 shelf spaces in five lanes and a throughput of 5,000 trays per day in an average of 15 hours of daily operation.

Intralogistics: intelligent scanning glove optimizes picking process

The implementation of the ProGlove scanning glove makes picking processes at the DB Schenker logistics center in Eching easier and more efficient.

The high productivity and quality that characterize the automotive industry has also been ensured by the continuous introduction of technological innovations. Since 2014, our own semi-trailers, which are used for transport to and from the BMW Group headquarters in commuter traffic, are equipped with GPS tracking. And in 2017, DB Schenker was one of the first logistics companies to use the Wearable barcode scanner solutions ProGlove at the Eching site. The reliability and speed of the order picking process was sustainably increased.The Dedicated Warehouse Eching now provides, for example, around 50,000 m2 of storage space, 175 employees and a fleet of around 50 trailers for an extremely modern, efficient production supply for BMW.

Growing for the customer – Expansion of the location with new shared warehouses

Recently, cooperation with the BMW Group has been extended once again. In addition to the production supply of the main plant, DB Schenker was commissioned with further projects. These include, among other things, the supply of spare parts for test vehicles from BMW, including national and international shipping. And the production supply of pilot series in the BMW Group plant in Munich.

“Partnership for #automotive logistics. The @DBSchenker logistics center Eching offers a good example for the successful development of a logistics location in close coordination with the customer.“

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Jürgen Muckermann: “Our knowledge of the customer BMW is of course a great advantage when setting up these new solutions. However, our resources in the supply center Eching are no longer sufficient for the implementation. That’s why we create tailor-made logistics space and services in new shared warehouses. We offer the customer the right portfolio for their current requirements. At the same time, we give him the security of being able to expand capacities flexibly. And last but not least, we are developing attractive new logistics space in sought-after top locations, which of course are also available to other customers from other industries. For BMW, for DB Schenker and for the economic region of Munich a real win-win-win situation! “