Trade fair logisticians rise to peak form at transport logistic

Transport logistic in Munich is the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT, and supply chain management. Every two years, representatives of the industry from all over the world meet at the trade show. Not only was this quite a stressful time for the more than 2000 exhibitors from 62 countries last year, but for the logisticians as well, who coordinated and implemented the arrival and distribution of exhibits and booths down to the most minute detail. Having already done so in 2017, DB Schenker will also be in charge of the logistics of transport logistic this year.

transport logistic – all eyes look at Munich

“For this year’s transport logistic we’re involving some hundred employees in the planning and preparation process,” said Thorsten Becker, Schenker Deutschland AG’s head of fairs and exhibitions and special transports in Munich. “On top of this, there will be the trade fair employees from other offices who will see to it that trade fair construction companies receive their stand construction materials in the trade fair hall at the right time. This involves a lot of cogs within our entire network meshing smoothly.”

transport logistic 2017: Three technologies dominated the event | logistik aktuell

E-mobility, artificial intelligence, and, of course, digitalization. These were the big trends at the 2017 transport logistic trade fair.

Because what does trade fair logistics mean? It means organizing and implementing transport from customers and suppliers to the trade fair and back. For DB Schenker, trade fairs have long been an area in which they have acquired a lot of expertise. 700 employees work in the trade fair and special transports field in Germany. DB Schenker has been nominated as an official trade fair logistics service provider for 16 trade fairs in Germany alone.

“No such thing as ‘can’t’”

“We’re the service providers who are taking on all of the logistic services for the Munich trade fair and exhibitors. This is in keeping with the the motto ‘no such thing as can’t’” said Becker. Planning for shipments to and from the trade fair will be done in close cooperation with the exhibitors, trade show, and logisticians. The Munich trade fair is putting together a detailed traffic information guide that gives precise rules for when each vehicle type is allowed to drive to the trade fair.

The vehicles need to be loaded and unloaded in Munich using forklifts and truck-mounted cranes. In addition to this, exhibits, supplies, customs clearances, and packaging material need to be stored until they are needed. Moreover, DB Schenker’s employees will provide advertising material and beverages for the booths. For this purpose, the company needs to set a lot of material in motion, from forklifts in varying sizes and truck-mounted cranes to various trucks.

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Complex planning for the outdoor area

“Every trade show has its own new highlight that poses a logistical challenge for us,” said Becker, “but delivering the railway cars is always something exciting.” Planning and maneuvering the cars and locomotives in the trade fair’s outdoor area is also one of the trade fair logistician’s tasks. Since the order of the cars can only be changed until a certain point in time, the exhibitors need to be coordinated down to the smallest detail.

Once the trade fair is over, the logisticians are once again faced with extreme time constraints. Within a very short space of time, the exhibits needed to be loaded into vehicles again and removed from the trade fair grounds. After all, the next trade fair already starts only a few days after transport logistic.

What are your expectations in coming to the Transport Logistic Fair?

DB Schenker at transport logistic in Munich

June 4-7 – Hall B6, Booth 209/310 

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