Live case study: “A Win-Win Situation for Doctoral Students and DB Schenker”

DB Schenker promotes young scientists in the logistics field. The annual Summer School of the Graduate School of Logistics (GSofLog) at the TU Dortmund has now completed its third live case study at a DB Schenker contract logistics location. We present the live cases and talk to Gerald Müller, Vice President of Process and Efficiency Management at DB Schenker.

The Graduate School of Logistics at the TU Dortmund is unique in Germany, as it offers a doctoral course of study funded entirely by third-party sources. Company representatives, scientists, and scholarship holders meet here directly and are in permanent exchange, which is practice-oriented, often interdisciplinary and particularly networked. Doctoral students acquire the skills they need to become future managers of the logistics industry.

One of the highlights of the GSofLog is the annual Summer School. For one week, the Ph.D. students of logistics and related disciplines come together to attend lectures and workshops, exchange ideas, and last but not least to jointly develop solution concepts for the annual live case study.

Gerald Müller, Vice President Process and Efficiency Management at DB Schenker

“The concept of the live case study can be described as a real win-win situation. In all these three years, we have had outstanding experiences with the live case study.”

DB Schenker annually presents the live case here: The participants are invited and challenged on-site with a real optimization task in the field of logistics. The doctoral students, divided into different teams, develop solution concepts, and present them at the end of the week.

Gerald Müller, who together with Schenker colleagues personally supervises the live case study of the doctoral students every year, comments: “In all three years we have had outstanding experiences with the live case study. We receive new impulses from the current university and research community and benefit directly from the good ideas of the young logistics scientists. At the same time, the doctoral students work on real solutions, not just in the laboratory, but also in practice. They get to know us a bit, and we get to know them as potential junior employees. The concept of the live case study can, therefore, be described as a real win-win situation for doctoral students and DB Schenker, particularly since we make sure that the doctoral students are given real, exciting and up-to-date live cases to work on.”

“DB #Schenker provides live case studies for #logisticians at #TUDortmund.“

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Top up-to-date live cases directly from the logistics service provider

Verify the efficiency and ergonomics of the use of exoskeletons in order picking and also optimize the general order picking process.

Where: Supplier park for a well-known automobile manufacturer in Cologne.

Support for the LAB project E-Motion, which DB Schenker conducted jointly with the Fraunhofer Institute and the start-up MotionMiners.

Where: Logistics location at Bergkamen

First year with two optimization problems to choose from: “Optimization of devanning” and “Optimization of carton erection in preparation for order picking.”

Where: Logistics location at Bergkamen

Which of our live case studies do you find most interesting?