Anuga: The Masterpiece of every trade fair logistics company (Part 1)

When Anuga opens its doors, everything revolves around the latest trends in the food industry. From October 5th to 9th, 2019, more than 7,800 exhibitors at the world’s leading food industry trade fair showed what consumers worldwide want to buy and eat. But it is not only the manufacturers, dealers, trend researchers and advertisers who are responsible for the success of the fair – the drivers, dispatchers and logisticians are also crucial. Only they make the promised experience possible for the professionals.

Yildirim Kayisi, DB Schenker

“Anuga is the most complicated trade fair in Cologne because there are so many different exhibitors there.”

Cologne, in October. It is half past six in the morning, the wind freshens. Yildirim Kayisi, trade fair logistician in the Cologne office of Schenker Deutschland AG,
has been wide awake for a long time. For half an hour he has been reading emails that rolled in during the night. The Cologner by birth sits in DB Schenker’s trade fair office and wrangles himself an overview of what needs to be delivered and brought to which place in the coming hours. Delivery notes and orders come in by email. Starting at seven on the dot, the first drivers stand at his desk asking for specific delivery instructions.

Exhibition logistics: truck guidance system optimizes traffic & resources

Exhibition logistics: DB Schenker uses truck guidance system to optimize traffic flow and resources on exhibition grounds.

Complex planning for the Anuga

For everything to work, the exhibition and logistics experts plan the processes meticulously and precisely – after all, DB Schenker has been the official logistics service provider of the trade fair organizer Koelnmesse for many years. Access to the site is meticulously regulated not only for safety reasons: Trucks are let onto the premises only with advance notice and in limited numbers. Smaller trucks up to 3.5 tons and other suppliers have to leave the fair after two hours, otherwise their deposit will be forfeited.

That’s how the organizers avoid overly dense, uncontrolled crowding in the very tight exhibition space. DB Schenker is also dependent on good cooperation with the grounds safety and logistics departments of the Cologne trade fair in other areas. Umberto Doppelgatz and Josef Scharn are on call here as responsible employees. Anuga especially, with its numerous small exhbitors, requires numerous deliveries. Every two years, the trade fair takes place in Cologne, and this year it celebrated its 100th birthday.

High demands on the logisticians

“Anuga is the most complicated trade fair in Cologne because there are so many different exhibitors there,” says Kayisi. “Many thousands of smaller vendors with low shipment volumes and each with their own expectations – that’s very demanding for us.”

Yildirim Kayisi, DB Schenker

Yildirim Kayisi, DB Schenker

DB Schenker handled 4,000 shipments in and out at Anuga 2019 alone. Adding to that is the fact that some of the vendors do not take the trade fair organizer’s rules very seriously. Address fields are inaccurate or incorrectly filled out. Often, Kayisi has to dig deeper with the exhibitors and trade fair contractors by telephone, because the information is incomprehensible or incomplete.

“Thousands of exhibitors, 4000 shipments in and out – Anuga was once again a real challenge for the DB Schenker team. #ExhibitionLogistics #DBSchenker“

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Automated digital solution do not always help here. “90 percent of our processes are already digital. But at an event like Anuga, all systems reach their limits, “says Kayisi. Communication, exchange and patient listening are therefore the virtues with which the approximately 200 employees of the logistics service provider master the looming floods of cargo. Is this fair really the masterpiece of every old-school exhibition logistics company?

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