Logistics meets Game Development:

Game developer contracted by logistician DB Schenker

Agile computer game development and a traditional logistics giant, how do they fit together? At first glance not at all, because the images of the company cultures we have in our minds are too different: The constant, somewhat old-fashioned logistician vs. the creative and chaotic game forge. And what does logistics have to do with gaming?

But digital employee training is increasingly supplementing classic training in warehouse logistics. Experts have to develop this software. That is why game developers are also interesting to DB Schenker. And the cultures of the fields are not incompatible, either:

DB Schenker has now signed a framework contract with the game developer ‘Wayward Studios’, which was founded in Frankfurt. In the future, employee training games will be developed for PC and virtual reality. Both sides know what they are getting into, because they have already had good experience in previous joint projects. The development team has already developed the 3D environment and animation for the employee training software, with which warehouse employees can complete additional virtual training in the areas of picking and packaging.

Framework contract concluded

“We already know the game developers and 3D artists well from joint projects, and they are currently employed by us for a limited period after their work as student trainees. But the team has now founded its own development studio. But since we at DB Schenker would like to continue this good cooperation, we have now concluded this framework agreement with the newly founded Wayward Studios,” says Christina Kunze, Senior Project Manager – Digital Engineering/Training.

Gerald Müller, Vice President Process and Efficiency at DB Schenker

“Logistics 4.0 means the logistician makes new connections – conceptual as well as business related”

“For DB Schenker, the collaboration with Wayward Studios is heading in exactly the right direction. It is important that the logistics company continues to open up to creative start-ups and innovative industries from IT, digitization and Industry 4.0. Through this, we are developing determinedly towards Logistics 4.0, which we would only be able to do much more slowly on our own. Working with companies from the digital industry also acts like a fountain of youth for our corporate structure. An agile corporate culture is alive in the digital industry, which complements and enriches our own well. And to ensure that exactly this digital industry DNA is preserved, collaboration is better than integration into your own ranks. Logistics 4.0 means the logistician makes new connections – conceptual as well as business related”, says Gerald Müller, Vice President Process and Efficiency at DB Schenker.