Porsche and DB Schenker: protective equipment for Germany

The coronavirus pandemic has a firm grip on the world. Reliable protective equipment is therefore essential for medical staff to care for and treat the sick. Porsche and DB Schenker have now supported the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Free State of Saxony in bringing protective equipment from China to Germany.

Oliver Seidl, Chief Financial Officer DB Schenker

“In troubled times, reliability, flexibility and full commitment count. We are pleased that we can maintain the supply chains for important medical products in close cooperation with Porsche.”

The background for the order consists of efforts by the state governments to procure equipment for medical personnel and the population. “The good relationship between Porsche and the state government is now paying off. We’re learning to appreciate the benefits of global companies. Porsche, for example, has a very different network in China than we could ever have as a state government,” says Winfried Kretschmann, Prime Minister of the State of Baden-Württemberg. “It is a tremendous support and a great thing when companies like Porsche help us to get protective equipment from China.”

2.8 Million Face Masks for Hesse | logistik aktuell

Cooperation between B. Braun, Lufthansa Cargo and DB Schenker: At the end of March 2020, the logistics specialist brought 2.8 million face masks to Hesse.


The sports car manufacturer has put together a task force with six employees from the procurement department. With its logistics partner DB Schenker, Porsche ensures the smooth transport of protective masks, glasses and protective suits from Shanghai to Germany.

A total of 7400 cubic meters of material are involved: safety glasses, gloves, protective overalls, breathing masks, surgical masks and disinfectants. Up to six planes have been flying with the material to the airports in Frankfurt and Munich each week since April 9th. There the cargo is reloaded into trucks and taken to a DB Schenker interim storage facility at Stuttgart Airport. The state governments of Saxony and Baden-Wuerttemberg then take over the distribution of the protective equipment so that it can be used against the spread of the coronavirus in hospitals, emergency services and other facilities.

Close cooperation between politics and business

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Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of the Free State of Saxony, also praises the assistance: “The engagement of the companies involved is terrific. The joint, determined action will make a decisive contribution to ensuring that the situation in the provision of medical protective material will continue to improve in Saxony over the next few days and weeks. ”

Since the start of the flights, several million protective items have already arrived in the interim storage facility in Stuttgart: mouth-nose protection of various protection classes, protective suits and glasses. By the end of May, protective materials worth a triple-digit million euro amount are to be organized and transported from China to Germany. Up to 50 passenger planes are required for transportation.

“In troubled times, reliability, flexibility and full commitment count. We are pleased that we can maintain the supply chains for important medical products in close cooperation with Porsche,” says Oliver Seidl, CFO of DB Schenker. A longstanding partnership unites Porsche and DB Schenker. For example, the logistics company operates spare parts stores for the automobile manufacturer in China and South Korea and most recently also started up the new spare parts warehouse for Porsche in Canada.

“Help for Saxony and Baden-Württemberg: Porsche and DB Schenker bring protective clothing from China to Germany. @DBSchenker @Porsche @protectiveMasks @MSI_BW“

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“Everyone brings their strengths to this cooperation, and that works extremely well,” says Uwe-Karsten Städter, Member of the Executive Board for Procurement at Porsche AG. “We help with our international supply chain expertise – so that the required protective materials are delivered to Germany as quickly as possible and reach the people who urgently need them.”

Das Netzwerk des einen hilft dem anderen. Oliver Seidl (v.l.n.r.), Manne Lucha, Uwe-Karsten Städter, Dorothea von Boxberg. © DB Schenker

The network of the one helps the other. Oliver Seidl (from left to right), Manne Lucha, Uwe-Karsten Städter, Dorothea von Boxberg. © DB Schenker

Umschlag in Stuttgart: Die Schutzausrüstung aus China wird für die Auslieferung neu palettiert. © DB Schenker

Handling in Stuttgart: The protective equipment from China is re-palletized for delivery. © DB Schenker

Ein DB Schenker-Lkw verlässt das Hub in Stuttgart. © DB Schenker

A DB Schenker truck leaves the hub in Stuttgart. © DB Schenker