A clear view and free hands: Smart picking glasses and scanner gloves for efficient warehouse logistics

Finally both hands free for picking. No more annoying back and forth between shelves and PC. Full attention on the goods. Warehouse logistics employees agree: Smart picking glasses and scanner gloves make daily work more convenient, faster and safer.

The smart-picking solution consists of two components: the glasses and a scanning glove.

The smart-picking solution consists of two components: the glasses and either a finger ring or scanning glove.

They were able to gain this experience by taking part in successful pilot projects at two DB Schenker logistics locations. The Picavi smart glasses were thoroughly tested in Bremen and Rodgau. The team in Rodgau also combined the solution with the ProGlove glove, in which a scanner is integrated.

Faster, safer and more ergonomic thanks to the smart pick-by-vision system

The complete smart picking solution consists of two components – the data glasses from Picavi and either the ProGlove scanner glove or a ring worn on the finger. The picking of an ordered item is recorded by the scanner in the glove or in the ring. Immediately afterwards, the next order is displayed on the lens. Users only need to look up slightly. So the normal field of vision is not affected. The system is controlled via easily accessible buttons on a 200-gram battery set that is worn on the belt.

A video shows the pilot project using the combined smart picking solution in Rodgau:

Xavier Garijo, Board Member for Contract Logistics at DB Schenker: “Here at DB Schenker, we are continuously searching for ways to improve our operations by efficiency gains. Our partnerships with Picavi and ProGlove are two of our latest success stories as we drive innovations in contract logistics. By introducing smart glasses and smart gloves in our warehouses, we are investing in our future as the supply chain partner of choice for companies around the world.”

The technical basis of Picavi’s solution is Google Glass. The well-tested data glasses are used to project the information required for storage and retrieval as well as for picking directly into the field of vision of employees in the warehouse. Hand scanners and paper documents no longer have to be held manually to read the information. This leaves both hands free for the actual task: handling the goods. As the evaluations of the test phases in Bremen and Rodgau show, this innovative solution increases productivity and at the same time reduces the error rate

ProGlove is a smart scanning glove that can be triggered at the push of a button on the glove. When using it, both hands can be used for order picking to increase productivity even more. The ProGlove is already in use in the DB Schenker warehouse in Eching, near Munich.

Both components can also be used separately and also lead to relevant efficiency gains independently of each other. At the Bremen location, for example, where DB Schenker provides contract logistics services for the automotive industry. The pilot deployment of Picavi smart glasses has led to a measurable and economically relevant increase in productivity compared to the use of previous hand scanners. In the second practical test in Rodgau, near Frankfurt, the Picavi glasses were used in combination with the ProGlove in order to further increase efficiency.

Jens Harig, CEO of Picavi: “The fact that a company like DB Schenker, with almost 800 contract logistics locations worldwide, has effectively implemented a proof of concept with us testifies to the performance of the Picavi smart glasses. The strong visual guidance and hands-free approach distinguishes the pick-by- vision solution from other picking systems. This is where we set standards for the market – and within the future of DB Schenker.”

After the two test projects were rated as extremely successful, the networked smart picking solution is now to be introduced as a standard procedure across several of DB Schenker‘s warehouse logistics locations. The logistics service provider is going one step further in the field of digitalization. In conjunction with other innovative applications such as virtual reality training for forklift drivers and the use of exoskeleton robots, these solutions make a lasting contribution to the development of warehouses with an eye to the future.

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