Transshipment terminal in Neufahrn: Complete renovation during ongoing operations

“What has occurred here in Neufahrn in the past three years has never happened in the history of Schenker Germany. In order to be able to grow at our strategically important location in Neufahrn near Munich, we forged the ambitious plan to build something new in the existing building during ongoing operations. We fought together for this project – and now we’ve made it. ”This is how Manfred John, Head of DB Schenker’s Land Transport Munich office, sums up the successful completion of a very special construction project in Neufahrn.

Growth at a location with tradition

DB Schenker wanted to grow significantly in Neufahrn and replace the existing terminal, which structurally dates back to 1985, with a technically modern system. But there was no suitable site for a new building in Neufahrn. And since the geographical location of the old site was perfect for both long-distance and local transport, the idea was born to build a new building right there, on our own land, during ongoing operations.

In 2017, the company decided to build a completely new building on the existing property. In a planning and organizational masterpiece, all the transshipment halls were torn down in three sections and then enlarged and rebuilt with the latest technology.

“Growth in #Neufahrn: opening of one of the most modern #land traffic terminals by #DB Schenker“

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The mammoth project was implemented on schedule in the best possible cooperation between the Munich land transport office and company headquarters as well as the Neufahrn community, the district and local construction companies. The result is a state-of-the-art transshipment terminal with around 9,800 m² of logistics space, 126 dock levellers and 3,600 m² of new office space.

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Logistics in full swing

There is unrestricted demand for the new forwarding facility. “Now we can fully take off, expand our increasingly important role in the DB Schenker network as the gateway to the south, Austria and Italy, and open up new markets,” said Manfred John, managing director of the ambitious plans.

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The Drive4Schenker platform connects freight and trucks across Europe. It is extremely efficient and saves the dispatchers a number of phone calls and e-mails.

With the new terminal, the Neufahrn location has one of the most modern land transport terminals of Schenker Deutschland AG. In three-shift operation, between 3,000 to 3,500 shipments with a volume of 1,300 tons are handled every day. The existing new building was used for extensive modernization of the warehouse technology and IT. At the same time, DB Schenker attached great importance to the creation of a health-promoting and safe working environment. From daylight-controlled LED lighting to fine dust filter systems and lane temperature control – modern building technology ensures the best working conditions.

Neufahrn fit for the future

At the Neufahrn location, this new building project continues a very successful logistics tradition. The facility in Zeppelinstrasse has existed since 1985, initially under Rhenus Weichelt. Schenker took over Rhenus Weichelt in 1990. In 2002 the two Munich Schenker offices were merged. The employees from Landsberger Strasse in Munich moved to Neufahrn. The DB subsidiary TRANSA has also been at the site since 2016.

After the extensive investments, the signs are now pointing to growth. The economic conditions currently burdened by Corona will not change that. Branch manager Manfred John: “This construction project was a huge challenge for all of us. But it was worth it. This is how Schenker can present itself to the world and be successful in the future.”