Digitally connected

Today’s world is digital. Markets are becoming increasingly transparent. Flows of data and goods are changing dramatically. And we face ever increasing demands from our customers. They want innovative solutions and high quality – even when it comes to sharing information, especially in communications.

That’s why Schenker Deutschland AG has decided to go digital. And that includes our communications. From now on, we’ll be able to provide faster, more varied, multimedia and multi-channel communications. This is the only way we’ll be able to respond quickly and expertly to our customers’ requirements.

This blog is an important component of our digital communications. We intend to use it as a platform to post about relevant issues in logistics and share compelling industry stories that offer our customers real added value. We have put together a team of communications professionals, editors and journalists, who will work as a network to provide high-quality content for our blog at Our team consists Maren Steppuhn (editor in chief of the logistik-aktuell blog); copy writers in the fields of logistics, science, business, and sports communications; and guest contributors in research, science, and logistics.

All of us know the industry from the inside, which will allow us to keep our readers informed about trends and issues around the world. As you know, the most exciting stories about how business works today come from logistics specialists.


Maren Steppuhn Author's posts

Maren Steppuhn

Communication is not just a means, but also a value in itself. Clear and open communication leads to more understanding, forges new ties, inspires people, and opens up unexplored paths. As Head of Communications, Maren Steppuhn handles cross-media formats, digital communication, as well as press and public relations.

Katharina Berthold Author's posts

Katharina Berthold

Digitization is increasingly penetrating all of society. Which technologies are real innovations? How do they change our lives? As a concept developer and technology journalist, Katharina Berthold works in various tech industries. Logistics is currently one of the most exciting locations for digital transformation. For logistik aktuell, Katharina Berthold writes about technology and what we can expect from it.

Frieder Schwitzgebel Author's posts

Frieder Schwitzgebel

Dr. Frieder Schwitzgebel studied philosophy and physics at the Universities of Mainz and Dijon and has been working as a corporate journalist since 1996. He is a lecturer in Business Philosophy at the Administration and Business Academy Wiesbaden. His focus is on new technologies, contract logistics, and platform economics.

Andreas Pietsch Author's posts

Andreas Pietsch

Freelance journalist Andreas Pietsch specializes in topics of logistics. He has been writing for DB Schenker and its predecessor companies since 1992. The topics of land transport, sea freight, and contract logistics are his favorites. But even in the field of air freight, he knows how to get to the point.

Simone Seefried Author's posts

Simone Seefried

She does, loves, and writes about sports in all its facets. For 12 years, she was active in various sports associations and had the opportunity to help organize a soccer World Cup and Olympic Games, among other things. Simone Seefried is a freelance PR consultant in the field of sports.

Axel Novak Author's posts

Axel Novak

Axel Novak is a freelance journalist in Berlin. For more than a decade, he has been involved with the logistics industry and its changes. Axel Novak writes articles for newspapers, for magazines, and for companies. He’s writing about economic topics with a focus on mobility, energy and IT. Together with Christian Buck he manages the agency BuckNovak CP PR in Berlin.

Christian Buck Author's posts

Christian Buck

Christian Buck is a physicist, freelance journalist and PR consultant in Berlin. He writes for magazines and companies, especially in the high-tech area. His focus is mobility, energy and IT. Together with Axel Novak he manages the agency BuckNovak CP PR in Berlin.

Julia Weise Author's posts

Julia Weise

Julia Weise reports on complicated technical topics, so readers don’t need a dictionary while reading. She writes about trends and challenges in fields such as contract logistics and warehouse management as well as smart software solutions. As a graduate peace and conflict researcher, she works for the Frankfurt PR agency Adel & Link, advising B2B clients and companies in the tech industry.